HIP NIC - partner event

Hip Nic is a recurring event engineered and produced by a collective of promoters, cultural players and entertainers bearing the same name. With a coverage spreading all across Ancona and its province, Hip Nic was founded in 2017 by Peacock Live&Events (back then known as Bermuda Eventi) Associazione Maree / Portobello, Arci Ancona, Loop Live Club and Nerto.it.

Spinning around the notion of “smart” entertainment fuelled by the collective’s many voices and a merge of different expressive forms, Hip Nic brings the young and less young together with a plethora of contents such as markets, gigs, food events, art performances, visual arts and parties, photo contests and green initiatives.

Despite being a roaming event born of scattered partnerships with other main town happenings, its headquarters are set within the ancient furnace of the renowned Palombella district, whose abandoned spaces provide a suitable post-industrial setting to hone a cultural pattern by getting together institutions and community within the scope of urban development.