Based in the province of Ancona, Peacock Live & Events is an agency and service provider promoting/organizing live music events.

Inherently close to the world and the good practices of independent music – regardless its origin and genre – and bound to the concept of shared art contents and cultural values, our agency is all about contemporary languages, new trends and historical depth with a no-holds-barred approach ranging from rock to indie, from rap to electronic, from clubbing to ethnic music.

As the ultimate step of a path dating back to 2004, Peacock Live & Events shares its expertise, insights and skills gained in more than 10 years on the grind with live clubs, associations, companies, public authorities and private citizens through an array of services ranging from turnkey engineering of concerts and festivals to art direction, production management or artist sign-up for third-party events.


Peacock Live & Events is engineered by Jonathan Iencinella.

Born in Ancona in 1977. Promoter and DJ. Gig and music event coordinator all along the region since 2004. Founder/manager of the Bloody Sound Fucktory indie label until 2012, he also took part in the avant rock scene with bands such as Butcher Mind Collapse and Guinea Pig. From 2007 to 2009 he takes over the iconic Thermos Club, cornerstone of the whole indie/alt-clubbing scene in Ancona, then – between 2015 and 2018 – he gets back to promoting by the moniker of Bermuda Concerti to support independent musicians with booking, promotion and management services.

He was – or still is – diversely involved with some big-time hometown events such as Hip Nic, Eve, Ancona Street Food Festival, Porto Bello, La Mia Generazione Festival and Adriatico Mediterraneo.